Welcome to "The Modesto Engineers Club"

We meet monthly at Old Mill Cafe in Modesto, CA. (September meeting will be located at Solid Networks in Salida, CA)

"The object of this club, primarily, is to provide an organization in which the Engineers of all branches of the profession may come together, and through which they may cooperate and foster fellowship and the development of the engineering profession, and promote the participation of the engineering profession in public affairs and community welfare." - MEC Bylaws

If you're a guest we welcome you to attend one of our monthly meetings. Check out our latest newsletter we call field notes for more information.

If you're interested in becoming a member please download our application and turn it in at one of our of monthly meetings.

Membership Renewal

Download 2018 Membership Renewal form

Bylaws Snippet...
ARTICLE V – Dues and Fees

SECTION 1: ...

SECTION 2: The annual membership renewal of $25.00 shall be received by January 31st. Thereafter, a $5.00 late fee will be assessed. Renewals not received by February 14th shall have membership automatically dropped. ARTICLE V: SECTION 1 shall govern re-activation of membership. "

New Membership Application

Download 2018 NEW Member Application

Please visit our officers table at one of our monthly meetings to submit your application.

Bylaws Snippet...
" ARTICLE V – Dues and Fees

SECTION 1: The annual dues of all members shall be determined by the Board of Directors. A $25.00 initiation fee and $25.00 first year dues shall apply to all new memberships, payable in advance. Dues of any new member joining after July 1st shall be $15.00. Student fees shall be $10, $10, and $5, respectively.

SECTION 2:... "

Scholarship Fund

For many years our Club has provided a scholarship to a deserving Modesto Junior College student.  The opportunity to donate to this fund is always available and encouraged.  Your Membership Application has a provision to donate $5 (or other amount) to this fund.  Please consider donating to this important endeavour.  Thank you to all who give generously to promote our future engineers.

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